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Commercial Window Film for Raleigh Property Code

Making sure your commercial building is up to code is important to avoid fines and to ensure the safety of your building occupants. Commercial property code is in place to help businesses lower liability and keep optimal protection against accidents. When it comes to upgrading your property, an affordable way to achieve certain code adherence is with window film. Window film can be utilized to address your Raleigh building’s property code.

window film property code raleigh

How to Use Window Film for Raleigh Commercial Property Code

Window film is an excellent, affordable alternative that offers a creative way to achieve property code among commercial buildings:

Security Window Film for Upgrading Annealed Glass

Commercial buildings require tempered glass for safety reasons. Annealed glass can shatter and become shrapnel that poses a serious threat to building occupants and valuables. Rather than replacing your existing glass with tempered glass, security film provides a cost-effective alternative that’s just as effective.

Decorative Film for Distraction Safety Markers

Distraction safety markers are required markings on glass features to help prevent any accidental collisions. Decorative film can be used to address this code while offering visual marketing, branding, privacy, and interior decor benefits. Utilize this unique solution for making the most out of your distraction markers.

window film property code commercial building raleigh

Work With Raleigh’s Premier Window Film Specialist

Raleigh Window Film is happy to help you find creative ways in addressing property code within your budget. We’re here to support you so that your commercial property code is met effectively and affordably. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!