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Raleigh’s Premier C-Bond Window Film System Contractor

Raleigh Window Film is proud to the premier C-Bond window film serving the Raleigh metro area. We’ve proudly partnered with this incredible technological manufacturer that delivers the only window film priming agent available for advanced ballistic resistance as well as overall window film performance. C-Bond primers enhance any window film installation, providing optimal adhesion, benefits, and cure times.


About C-Bond Systems

C-Bond was developed by engineers and scientists in order to improve the strength and flexibility of existing glass. By deploying proprietary nanotechnology, C-Bond actually maximizes the performance of glass as well as window film products. Specialty primers created by this company have also enabled ballistic-resistant window film systems. These systems offer one-of-a-kind, one-way shooting capability in addition to high resistance against a variety of different firearms and calibers.

C-Bond Technology Benefits for Raleigh Properties

C-Bond technology is ideal for commercial property projects including schools, government buildings, businesses, arenas, and more. This exclusive technology is also great for standard window film installations by improving cure times and overall performance.

  • Provides optimal adhesion and quicker cure times
  • Improves existing glass and window film performance
  • Creates ballistic resistant security systems
  • Can be paired with any standard or security project for ultimate high impact resistance

Work With Raleigh’s Premium C-Bond Systems Specialist

Raleigh Window Film is happy to help you achieve your project goals with C-Bond technology. Whether you’re looking for better glass performance or a ballistic-resistant system, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today for your free consultation!