Revolutionary Window Film Solutions for Any Application or Industry

Window film provides a revolutionary solution for addressing countless property concerns across residential and commercial buildings. This leading investment can offer exclusive benefits for improving productivity and comfort while helping you save money. Various industries and property types can all take advantage of window film. Learn more about the different applications that can utilize window film throughout the Raleigh metro area.


Office Buildings

Whether you’re looking for productivity solutions for your Downtown Raleigh office high rise or would like energy-efficient window film options for your Cameron Village co-working space, we’ve got you covered. Office buildings can utilize all the various benefits that window film has to offer including decor, privacy, energy savings, and much more.


Retail Stores & Malls

Making the most out of your commercial real estate is crucial for those with brick-and-mortar storefronts. Capitalize on your storefront display with decorative, UV protection, branding, and security window film options. Retail stores throughout the Raleigh metro area can take full advantage of window film benefits.


Hotel & Hospitality

In order to achieve optimal guest comfort among your hotel or hospitality business, you’ll need to find solutions that prioritize the guest experience. Window film offers effective, affordable ways to achieve this goal, helping you address property concerns, save money, and make your customers feel like they’re at home.


Restaurants, Bars, and Clubs

From Hedingham cafes to Historic Oakwood restaurants, businesses in the food industry can fully utilize window film solutions for a wide array of benefits. These property types can improve branding needs, secure their buildings, enhance energy efficiency, and more through investing in window film.


Schools & Universities

In order to maximize learning potential, improve productivity, and enhance the overall classroom experience, schools and universities can find effective window film options for these purposes. Window film can also deliver other great safety and security requirements, helping protect campuses throughout North Carolina.

Arenas, Venues & Stadiums

These large properties require different property codes and safety adherence due to their capacity of holding tens of thousands of people at once. Make sure your stadium, venue, or arena is up to code while utilizing all the other creative solutions that window film has to offer.


Secured Buildings

There are a wide variety of secured buildings throughout the Raleigh metro area including military bases, police stations, government buildings, banks, and more. Window film delivers ultimate security coverage for these property types, ensuring the most vulnerable parts of your property are defended.


Mass Transit and Airports

Whether you’re looking for bomb blast protection for your Glenwood South train station or would like anti-graffiti film for your Hayes Barton mass transit stop, we’ve got you covered. Window film offers numerous preventative and money-saving solutions for mass transit systems and airports.


Government Buildings

Government buildings can occupy historic properties and new construction builds alike, both requiring different solutions to optimize property functionality and productivity. Window film can deliver these benefits for both building types, helping improve your government building in a variety of ways.


Museums, Art Galleries, & Libraries

Museums, art galleries, and libraries all house one-of-a-kind treasures that require protection from break-ins and harmful UV rays. These industries can utilize window film for addressing these needs in addition to creating incredible guest experiences, improving energy costs, and much more.


Churches and Houses of Worship

From Crabtree Valley churches to East Raleigh cathedrals, houses of worship can depend on window film solutions for all of their property needs including energy efficiency, safety and security, UV protection, and more. Window film can provide a cost-effective way to achieve a number of project goals.