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Window Film Alternatives in Raleigh

Raleigh Window Film stands strongly behind our products and services. Our company was started when our founder was inspired by his own experiences with how effective window film is. We believe in this incredible product and its ability to help countless people save money and optimize their property function. When it comes to window film alternatives for Raleigh properties, we’re always happy to share our expertise on this subject.

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Comparing Window Film and Window Film Alternatives for Your Raleigh Property

Window film is a popular choice among homes and businesses for a variety of reasons. With exclusive features that provide leading benefits that anyone can take advantage of, there are so many applications available. When comparing window film with its alternative options, here are the pros and cons:

  • Energy efficiency: Window film can provide leading energy conservation benefits at a fraction of the price of window replacement. It also offers fast installations and minimal downtime. Window replacement can be more effective but has a significantly longer full payback period and requires a considerable financial commitment.
  • Glare reduction: Traditional solutions block sunlight in order to minimize glare and require manual operation to do so. Glare reduction window film provides a viable solution for improving screen-viewing comfort without impacting natural sunlight.
  • UV protection: Window treatments and other UV solutions are effective but also block sunlight and views into your property. This can pose a concern for storefront displays and other properties that would like to keep their windows optically clear. UV blocking window film blocks up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays for comprehensive protection without impacting viewability.
  • Safety and security: Other than security bars, options are quite limited for window and glass safety. Security window film is the only option available that provides invisible protection, mitigating broken glass hazards and defending building occupants from a variety of threats.
  • Decorative: Rather than invest in custom glass or upgrade your existing glass with elegant frosted options, there’s a more affordable, versatile option. Decorative film can help you achieve a number of different aesthetics. Tamperproof to the public yet easy to remove and replace by a professional, decorative film is the more affordable way to transform glass features.
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Work With Raleigh’s Premier Window Film Specialist

Raleigh Window Film is happy to help you decide what’s best for your property needs. We’re here to provide the information you need to compare the pros and cons between window film and its alternatives. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!