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Comprehensive Hanita Coatings Window Film Options for Raleigh Properties

Raleigh Window Film is proud to offer comprehensive Hanita Coatings window film options for residential and commercial properties throughout the Raleigh metro area. Hanita Coatings offers incredible window film investments that can be used to address energy conservation, maximizing security, and other multi-functional needs. These window film products have a great ROI and provide a wonderful investment for numerous property types.

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Hanita SolarZone Window Film

Hanita SolarZone provides an effective way to lower HVAC consumption in order to improve energy efficiency. This window film product can be installed in both homes and businesses, offering a versatile solution for insulating your windows and glass doors.

  • Helps minimize air conditioning costs by up to 20%
  • Reduces cooling times by up to 34%
  • Multi-purpose product with UV protection and glare reduction


Hanita SafetyZone Window Film

Hanita SafetyZone Window Film provides optimal protection for your glass doors and windows. Security window film is a cost-effective way to defend your residential or commercial property from break-ins, smash-and-grabs, and much more.

  • Keeps broken glass within frames after impact
  • Defends building occupants and valuables from high impact occurrences
  • Helps deter intruders and break-ins


Hanita Decorative Window Film

Experience incredible predesigned decorative film options for enhancing privacy, decor, visual interest, and more. This decorative film is also available for custom printing so that you can create the perfect design for upcoming promotions and other commercial needs.

  • Versatile decorative film solution
  • Achieves better privacy and light diffusion
  • Custom and predesigned options available
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Work With Raleigh’s Premier Hanita Coatings Window Film Specialists

Raleigh Window Film is honored to be the premier Hanita Coatings window film specialist providing both residential and commercial services. Our team can help you create better more money-saving opportunities while improving your building. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!