Window Film Benefits for Raleigh

Window film delivers an incredible range of benefits for residential and commercial properties throughout the Raleigh area. This leading investment offers a cost-effective way to address a number of concerns including energy efficiency, UV protection, glare reduction, décor, privacy, marketing needs, productivity, comfort, and more. Gain access to our amazing window film solutions and experience a wonderful ROI.



Both external and internal privacy concerns can be easily addressed with window film. Exterior window tinting offers an effective way to obstruct any unwanted views into your property while modernizing your exterior. Enjoy other great benefits with this investment.

Decorative film offers internal privacy concerns with a comprehensive answer. Create custom privacy, diffuse light, and achieve better decor. These customizable options can also improve branding and marketing needs throughout your property.


Glare Reduction

Glare issues can impact homes and businesses throughout the Raleigh metro area. With almost year-round sunshine, making sure glare concerns don’t affect your comfort or productivity is key. Glare reduction window film offers a wonderful investment for minimizing glare.

Improve comfort among residential properties and enhance productivity in offices, businesses, schools, and more. Screen-viewing activities like working on your laptop or watching television can all be optimized with this effective glare solution.


Energy Savings

There are so many energy-saving solutions out there for minimizing HVAC consumption and improving property comfort. However, the bulk of these options require high financial investment along with significant installation and renovation times. Window film provides an equally effective solution that can be quickly installed in homes and businesses.

Energy-efficient window film offers a wonderful ROI with a full payback benefit within three years or less. This incredible alternative to window replacement can provide the money-saving benefits that you’ve been looking for.


UV Protection

Harmful UV rays are responsible for countless concerns including damage to furniture, flooring, art, merchandise, equipment, and more. UV radiation can cause fading and discoloration to anything within direct sunlight. Overexposure to UV rays can also increase the risk of serious health conditions including immune impression, cataracts, and skin disease.

UV protection window film delivers the ultimate protection by blocking out 99.9% of UV rays responsible for this harm. Save money on repair costs, prioritize building occupant health, and maintain optically clear windows with UV blocking window film.


Graffiti and vandalism can be a serious issue for businesses and other commercial properties throughout Downtown Raleigh and other highly-populated areas. These surface damages can lead to serious repair costs, operational downtime, and create less than ideal impressions for your customers and guests.

Anti-graffiti surface film offers a sacrificial layer of protection that’s durable enough to withstand a number of threats including acid etching. We carry premium anti-graffiti solutions from Graffiti Shield, 3M, Madico, and other leading manufacturers. Conceal existing damage while protecting against new damage.


Decorative & Promotional

Addressing interior design and enhancing decor in both homes and businesses can be challenging when it comes to budget. Having cost-effective alternatives to achieve the aesthetic you’re looking for can make all the difference in your upcoming project. Decorative and promotional window film delivers an excellent way to achieve this, helping you create a high-end look for your property without the price tag.

Decorative film offers Raleigh properties with an easy way to enhance and modernize your interior while addressing privacy, light diffusion, and more without an entire renovation. Rather than replacing your existing surfaces, you can utilize these surface film options to create the design you’ve been dreaming of.


Ballistic Resistance

We’ve partnered with C-Bond to deliver the highest-end, most technologically-advanced ballistic resistance systems for commercial properties. These one-way shooting defense systems utilize C-Bond along with multiple layers of security film to provide significant resistance and deterrence for various property needs.

Ballistic-resistant window film is the closest thing available to bulletproof glass on the market. Experience high impact resistance against break-ins, burglaries, natural disasters, severe weather, freak accidents, explosions, gunfire, and more.


Bomb Blast Protection

Commercial buildings throughout the Raleigh metro area can become susceptible to a variety of threats including explosions, natural disasters, and more. Bomb blast protection is the ideal safety option for mitigating broken glass concerns in large public properties, stadiums, arenas, government buildings, and more.

Bomb blast film works by keeping broken glass shards within the window frame even after impact. This provides the ultimate solution for keeping building occupants and property valuables safe from broken glass and other threats.

exterior refinishing window film

Exterior Refinishing

Whether you have significant wear and tear on your commercial building’s windows or have an outdated exterior, these things can impact the perception of your property. For property owners concerned with the perceived value of their building or would like to improve their tenant retention rate, exterior refinishing is the service for you.

We utilize exterior window film and spandrel painting in order to create this specialized service for high rises and other commercial properties. Exterior refinishing is the cost-effective option to window replacement and major renovations, helping you modernize and enhance the curb appeal of your property.


Elevator Refinishing

Elevators are an essential part of any building but can cost a fortune to repair. Even when it comes to superficial cosmetic damage, elevators often require decommissioning to achieve this. Rather than spend significant money investing in these repairs that require operational downtime, elevator refinishing services are available. Take advantage of these affordable surface film options for keeping your elevator in the best condition possible.

Elevator refinishing uses surface film to conceal existing damage while protecting against new threats. This provides the best aesthetic possible for your elevator while helping defend against general wear and vandalism.

raleigh window film bird strike protection

Bird Strike Prevention

Bird collisions can be a very disruptive event for your home or business. When birds don’t see your clear glass windows, they can easily fly into them, leading to injury and even death. For some buildings, these events can be quite common, creating other issues like high maintenance needs and even repairs. Bird strike prevention window film is a great way to stop these incidents from occurring.

Bird strike prevention window film is the affordable alternative to fritted glass. This preventative measure helps deter birds from your building’s windows, making sure to maintain a comfortable, productive environment. Promote bird conservation while enhancing the environment of your property.