Window Film Assessment and Installation Process for Raleigh Homes and Businesses

We’ve proudly created an effective process for all of our window film consultations and installations. Our installation process utilizes our proprietary system for high efficiency and maximum benefits. We’re happy to detail our process for you so that you know exactly what to expect when you book an appointment with us. For more information regarding our window film installation information, please contact us!

Step One: Window Film Consultation and Assessment

In order to maximize efficiency, we offer same-day installation as our consultations and assessments. If this is inconvenient for your schedule, we’re always happy to accommodate your needs. We begin the appointment with a consultation and assessment of your property’s needs. This allows us to help you make the most informed decision regarding what films you’d like installed and what makes the most sense for your goals.

Step Two: Window Film Preparation

Once you’ve determined what window film products you’d like installed, we prep your windows for installation. We utilize a special technique of scraping the interior of your windows clean with a razer blade. This is executed by our highly trained professionals in order to remove any debris without damaging your windows, allowing optimal adhesion for window film installation.

Step Three: Window Film Installation

Our contractors will proceed with installation once all glass surfaces have been properly prepped. Each window and door will be measured and have the corresponding window film custom cut to fit. Once all window film has been installed, it’s important that you DO NOT CLEAN YOUR WINDOWS FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS. This allows for your film to fully cure and not be tampered with.

Why We Use C-Bond for Window Film Installation

C-Bond is a specialty window film primer that enhances every product’s durability and effectiveness. We utilize C-Bond in our installations in order to improve cure rates and to maximize the benefits that each window film solution has to offer. For more advanced security projects, we also use C-Bond to ensure high impact resistance. We’re happy to explain all the exclusive features that C-Bond has to offer your specific project.