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School Security Window Film Raleigh

Welcome to Raleigh Window Film, your trusted partner in providing comprehensive security solutions for schools in the Raleigh area. In an era where educational institutions face increasing security concerns, it is essential to prioritize the safety of students and staff. Our school security window film for Raleigh schools offer an effective and proactive measure to safeguard your campus against potential threats, including the ever-present risk of gun violence.

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Security Concerns for Schools in Raleigh

Schools in Raleigh, NC are facing significant security concerns, such as threats, assaults, and the presence of weapons on campuses. Law enforcement has recently been called to various schools in Wake County, including Wake Forest Middle, Zebulon Magnet, Rolesville High, East Millbrook Magnet, and East Garner Middle, due to threats. Wake County school leaders are prioritizing school security, and this school year alone in 2023, there have been 346 reported incidents, including assaults, possession of weapons, and threats.

The Urgency of School Security

Recent instances of school shootings across the nation have brought school security to the forefront of public discourse. As a responsible educational institution, it is crucial to take proactive steps to protect the lives of those within your campus. Security window film provides a vital layer of defense, offering additional response time and creating a barrier that can delay intruders, allowing students and teachers to evacuate safely.

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Security Film Options

At Raleigh Window Film, we offer a range of security film options tailored to meet the unique needs of schools. Let’s explore the features and benefits of each:

Basic Security Film

Our basic security film is an economical option to reinforce window glass. It consists of a single layer of standard security film and is applied to the interior of the glass. By increasing response time by approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute, it provides valuable moments for evacuation and response.

Premium Security Film

Our premium security film is crafted using advanced carbon fiber, cross-weave technology for enhanced durability and tear-resistance. It offers a single layer of premium security film, and we recommend the use of an attachment system for maximum effectiveness. With an increased response time of approximately 30 seconds to 3 minutes, this option provides even greater protection.

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Dual Premium Security Film (Interior & Exterior)

Recommended for schools with dual-pane glazing, our dual premium security film offers an additional layer of defense. It involves the application of premium security film to both the interior and exterior of the glass, along with an attachment system. This option significantly increases response time by approximately 3 minutes or more, providing enhanced security for your school.

Bomb Blast Resistant Film

For schools seeking comprehensive protection against blast-related incidents, we offer bomb blast resistant film. Available for both single and dual-pane applications, this premium security window film, combined with an attachment system, increases the flexibility and shatter resistance of glass. Applied to both the interior and exterior (recommended), it offers a robust defense against potential threats.

Ballistic Resistant Security Film

Our ballistic resistant security film is designed to protect against crimes committed with 9mm handguns or below. With thicker window glass, specialized priming agents, and multiple layers of security film, this option significantly increases response time and ballistic resistance. While it is not suitable for assault rifles, it provides a formidable defense for your school when paired with an attachment system.

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Important Factors for Schools to Consider

When considering security film solutions for your school, several key factors should be taken into account:

Single or Double-Pane Windows

The type of windows in your school plays a significant role in response time. For single-pane glass, we recommend a double layer of security film to maximize protection and increase response time.

Side Doors and Points of Entry

Entryway doors are vulnerable points that require special attention. Extend your security measures to include side doors, back doors, sidelights, and other access points to ensure comprehensive protection.

Interior/Exterior Locking Doors

To enhance security, it is crucial to apply security film to both sets of doors—interior and exterior. This is particularly important for doors with automatic locking mechanisms, ensuring immediate reinforcement and protection.

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Resources for Raleigh Schools

At Raleigh Window Film, we are committed to providing schools with the knowledge and resources they need to make informed decisions about their security needs:

Legislation on School Security

Stay updated with recent legislation in Raleigh concerning school security. We provide information on relevant bills passed in response to school shootings, empowering you to understand the legal landscape and make informed choices.

  • The North Carolina Center for Safer Schools serves to promote safe learning environments for North Carolina K-12 schools.
  • The North Carolina Task Force for Safer Schools endorsed the five-year North Carolina State Action Plan for School Safety (SAPSS) in June 2021.
  • Senate Bill 192, also known as the School Security Act of 2019, was introduced in the North Carolina General Assembly in 2019. The bill aimed to improve school safety by requiring schools to have a panic alarm system, conducting vulnerability assessments, and providing training for school personnel.
  • The City of Raleigh has a Safe Routes to School Program that promotes walking and biking to school as a safe and healthy option for students.

School Security Consultants

Consider hiring security consultants who specialize in school security. These experts can evaluate your campus, identify vulnerabilities, and guide you in selecting the most suitable security film options for your specific needs. Here are some security companies that serve the Raleigh area:

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Bullet Resistant Standards

Understanding bullet-resistant and blast-resistant glass standards is crucial when implementing security measures. We provide insights into various performance criteria, design elements, and the varying levels of protection offered by different standards.

Demonstration Videos

Witness the effectiveness of security film in action through our demonstration videos. These resources showcase how security film deters armed intruders and illustrate the significant difference in breaking time between treated and untreated glass.

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When it comes to the safety of students, teachers, and staff, there is no room for compromise. By investing in security window film from Raleigh Window Film, you are taking a proactive step toward protecting your school community. Our wide range of security film options offers increased response time, deterrence, and crucial moments for evacuation during emergencies.

Don’t delay— call Raleigh Window Film today to discuss your school’s security needs. Let us help you create a safer environment for learning and ensure the well-being of everyone within your campus.