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Window Film for Raleigh Schools and Universities

Raleigh Window Film is the number one source for school and university window film solutions in the Raleigh metro area. We have numerous window film investments that are designed specifically to support learning environments. Our window film products can help you achieve better student productivity, improve campus protection, achieve money savings, and much more. Whether you’re looking for safety and security window film for your Historic Oakwood school or would like daylight redirecting window film for your Bedford campus, we’ve got you covered.


The Advantages of Window Film for Raleigh Schools and Universities

Window film can provide exclusive benefits for schools and universities to take advantage of, including:


Most people underestimate the importance of proper privacy. When it comes to both the safety and comfort of your campus, privacy solutions are required. Privacy window tinting obstructs unwanted views into your building while maintaining optically clear views out.

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Safety and Security

Energy-saving security film options are available for schools, helping address a number of threats while helping save money. These security solutions are ideal for protecting students and teachers while providing additional response time and broken glass mitigation.

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Glare Reduction

Keeping computer labs, libraries, and other areas with computer use productive is important for any campus. Glare reduction window film offers the ideal solution for minimizing glare without impacting natural sunlight transmissions.

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Work With Raleigh’s Trusted School Window Film Expert

Raleigh Window Film is proud to be the trusted school window film expert serving the state of North Carolina. Our team is happy to help guide you through all the various investments available for improving security, enhancing the learning environment, and more. Contact us for more information!